Tray frames for stretched canvas

Artwork by Imogen Morris

An increasingly popular way to add some oomph to stretched canvas is to have them framed in a bespoke tray frame. A tray frame is a simple frame to compliment canvas and boards, where the artwork sits on the frame, and appears to float due to the gap between the artwork and the frame.

The tray frame profiles are normally an ‘L’ shape, with the face of the frame usually no more than 20mm wide. We supply a variety of profile widths and colours, just ask us for more info.

As well as adding a professional finish to canvases, tray frames can also serve a dual purpose when your canvas frame is warped. We always use finger-jointed pine wood to stretch our canvas, which won’t bow, however, there are a lot of canvases on the market which use cheaper, softer wood, which is prone to warping. Fixing a warped canvas to a tray frame can help it to sit flatter on the wall (please note if a canvas is not square a tray frame won’t help!)

Artwork by Jinxy

Typically, the front of the tray frame will be level with the front face of the canvas or board, though it can add another dimension to your wall art if the artwork is recessed inside the tray frame. We use a variety of different size offset clips to attach the canvas to the frame, so can adjust the depth difference between your frame and artwork to your preference.

A tray frame really makes a canvas gallery ready, so whether you’re artwork is on display or you want the wow factor at home a tray frame comes highly recommended.