Graphic Design Services

Get your prints done right. Get them designed with Precision.

Our experienced team are fully versed in the entire Adobe Creative Suite, so whether you need a brochure designed from scratch, an old photo restored to its former glory or your business card to be designed let us know what you need!

Please email us with everything you want including:

  • Product (is it for a business card, flyer, poster, pull-up banner…?)
  • Size
  • Colour scheme / theme – it is particularly useful if you send us an image of the type of design you’d like; have a look online for inspiration.
  • All content / copy typed so we can copy and paste the information straight into the design. If we do have to type anything for you this will take up more time and your design will end up costing you more.
  • All images / logos as high-resolution as possible – avoid using images from Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram etc. as they compress the images. If you can email us the original photos from the phone/camera the photos were taken on this reduces the risk of the images being poor quality.
  • Time frame – When do you need the final printed product by.

The more information we have at the outset of the design process, the quicker we will be able to meet your requirements. Please think carefully about what you want as it will save you time and money.

We may ask for a deposit upfront. We will send all proofs for approval prior to print.

Design work is charged at £30 per hour.