2020 has been a very challenging year for everyone, and this year we decided we wanted to support some of the people most in need this Christmas. We will donate a portion of the sale of each of our Christmas offers to University Hospitals Birmingham Charity.

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QE Hospital Charities

University Hospitals Birmingham Charity supports patients and staff at the four largest hospitals in Birmingham, the Queen Elizabeth, Heartlands, Good Hope and Solihull hospitals. The Charity works to go ‘over and above’ for their patients, providing them with the added extras that the NHS is unable to offer. This includes equipment, facilities, research and home away from homes for patients and their families.

They have launched their Christmas Appeal to raise money for all the hospitals, to fund toys for children sadly undergoing treatment over Christmas as well as funding Christmas trees and hampers to help bring some festive joy to the hospitals this year, which will unfortunately not be allowing visitors due to Covid-19. The money will help support patients, families and staff after what has been a particularly tough year due to COVID-19. University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, was unfortunately one of the worst affected trusts in the UK, seeing an unprecedented mortality rate, therefore they would like to make this Christmas as special as possible. Visit their virtual shop to find loads of Christmas ideas.

£3 from each sale of our A3 Print in Frame OFFER will go towards funding a place for a child at one of the special Christmas Parties held for those children who are in hospital over Christmas, or who are looked after by their Community Nurses.

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Solihull hospital

£5 from each sale of our A2 Canvas OFFER will buy a chocolate selection box for children who are receiving treatment over the Christmas period, helping to cheer them up and get them in the festive spirit.

£8.33 from each sale of our 3x A3 Canvas OFFER will fund a special Christmas Prematurity Pack for the tiny babies who are not quite big enough to go home for their first Christmas, and for their parents who will be by their side.

£16.50 from each sale of our Canvas & Frame bundle OFFER will fund activities for older patients, including those with dementia, who will be in hospital over Christmas. These activities are proven to keep patients entertained, engaged and calm.

Thank you for your support!